Proof of presence. Staff efficiency. Safety and well-being of the people in your care. Real time location of people and things.

Document employee presence. Confirm and document home visits, repair calls, equipment maintenance, landscaping, safety checks – anything requiring proof of presence.

Real time location of people and things. Keep track of the people in your care, equipment, anything with our real time location system.

Staff safety.Keep your people safe with Guard1 Duress personal alarms.

Task management with mobile devices.Empower your team with mobile task management and keep track of all your team's open and closed task items.

Confirm checks and inspections. Guard1 keeps track of your required patrols and inspections and reports misses and exceptions.

Real time alerts and notifications.Guard1 Real Time software manages alerts and notifies you of exceptions and emergencies.

Minimize liability and maximize accountability with Guard1.

Proof of Presence is a critical requirement in many industries. In some, it's a matter of life or death. Managers in critical roles like security and corrections have relied on Guard1 products for over thirty years.