Protecting officers and inmates. Documenting cell checks and suicide watches. Automating officers' tasks with rugged mobile devices. Real time location and movement history for every inmate in your facility.

Over 1100 correctional facilities rely on Guard1 – shouldn't yours?

RFID inmate tracking. Get a complete history of inmate well-being checks, movement, handouts, meals any time you want. Guard1 gives you real time data any time you want it.

Prevent suicide and self-harm. Maintain compliance, reduce liability, improve documentation and simplify the jobs of officers and administrators. Document your well-being checks and inspections with Guard1.

Know where every offender is. Guard1 Tracking uses proprietary RF technology to locate and track every offender. Every minute of every day, automatically, without scanning.

Keep your officers and staff safe. Guard1 Duress personal alarms give you emergency signaling and location.

Make your officers more efficient. Guard1 keeps track of your officers' upcoming tasks – checks and inspections, meal and medication distribution, inmate movement and escort, headcounts, and much more.

RFID wristband scanning? Sure. But with advanced features like automated real time location.

Minimize liability and maximize accountability with Guard1.

Guard1 Coronavirus Guidance

Coronavirus Update

Helping you manage the well-being of those in your care and custody has always been our primary objective.

View our coronavirus guidance, with information about cleaning your devices, temperature measurement, and tracking and managing contact between individuals.

BetaGov Research Report

From a three-month Cell Check System trial sponsored by BetaGov at the New York University Marron Institute of Urban Management:

Using Guard1, "100% of electronic cell checks were reported accurately."  Without Guard1, "only 56% of the checks were completed accurately".


"If Guard1 saves you one in-custody death lawsuit, it has paid for itself multiple, multiple times over."

Protect your staff

Duress Device Personal Alarm

Our Duress Device provides a way for officers, staff, or visitors like medical staff or clergy, to signal when they are in trouble, and provides their location in the event of an emergency.

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Track inmates in real time

Real Time Inmate Wristband Tracking

Automatically track inmate movement in real time using our zone-based inmate tracking system, or manually document inmate movement using our mobile app. Supervisors can see where each inmate is on a map of your facility or on virtual whiteboards of your housing units.

You'll have a complete history of every movement for every inmate in your facility.

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Manage tasks

Mobile Task Management for Corrections

Use Guard1 to document and manage the various tasks your officers perform — inmate movement, distribution of meals and medication, and much more.

At a glance, see any tasks that are late and what's coming up.

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Well-being checks and inspections

Correctional Officer on Suicide Watch Checks

Cell checks, suicide watches, perimeter or safety patrols, are easy and certain with Guard1.

You have your choice of a rugged solution using The PIPE or a flexible solution using mobile devices.

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Guard1 Mobile Notification

Be notified for alerts, missed well-being checks or medication distribution, late returns from work release – whatever you specify. Guard1 notifications give you the visibility you need to manage by exception.

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Well-being checks

Guard1 Mobile Notification

It can happen to you. Protect your inmates, your officers and your facility.

Document cell checks, suicide watches, and all types of well-being checks. Guard1 has been providing well-being check solutions for over twenty years.

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Made in the USA

We manufacture our products in the United States from the circuit board through final assembly. This allows us to maintain high quality and implement the latest technology.

Experience and Reliability

We started as a guard tour provider system in 1987, and have become the largest supplier of guard tour patrol systems. Whatever your application, you'll benefit from our experience performing in the toughest environments imaginable.

Product Development

We develop leading edge technology solutions built around proof of presence and we invest heavily in product development. Proprietary RF tracking technology, high-availability real time software.

Warranty and Service

You can rely on Guard1 products. The PIPE, used by tens of thousands of companies and organizations, is so rugged that we guarantee it with a five-year warranty, the best in the industry. And we're dedicated to providing great service. 99.6% of orders placed before noon ship the same day.