PrisonProof Checkpoints 

PrisonProof Checkpoints

Where intentional abuse is an issue, our super-rugged PrisonProof® Buttons and Stainless Steel Mounts are the answer. Originally designed for use in correctional facilities, they have stood the test of time in the toughest environments. Stainless steel checkpoints are ideal for correctional institutions or abuse-prone locations.


Stainless Steel Mounts (pictured at left, above) offer secure mounting for our standard touch memory buttons. They can be installed using standard or tamper-resistant screws. Because the buttons they protect are hollow, determined abuse can still damage them. Where this is an issue, we recommend our PrisonProof Buttons.


Our PrisonProof Buttons (right, above) are truly "sledgehammer proof". They replace the touch memory button and can resist the most extreme abuse.

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We have over two decades of experience assisting companies and organizations with abuse-resistant guard tour solutions. If you are dealing with this problem, our product support team can help you as well.

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