The PIPE, our super-rugged patrol wand 

The PIPE — The world's most rugged data collector

This is The PIPEdesigned for the most rugged use and the toughest environments.

  • The PIPE is durable. It will withstand extreme shock and impact. Customers tell us it has continued to work after being thrown out of windows, dropped from rooftops, balconies, and second-tier cellblocks, and thrown down elevator shafts.
  • The PIPE offers long battery life. For a commercial guarding application, typical battery life is fifteen to twenty years.
  • The PIPE is waterproof. It will work after immersion. A Florida marina found its PIPE was still working after two weeks in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The PIPE will withstand extreme temperatures. It is used in the heat of the Arizona desert and the cold of the Arctic Circle.

It's easy to use

The PIPE is easy to use — simply touch a memory button with The PIPE. The button's ID number is stored in the PIPE's memory along with the date and time.

Advanced Features

Our current model, PIPE II, offers these advanced features:

The best warranty in the industry

The ruggedness and long battery life of The PIPE make it possible for us to offer a five-year hardware and battery warranty. You avoid the repair costs that are a major expense with many guard tour systems.

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