RF Tracking Tags

Keep track of staff, equipment, tools, and other assets.

Our tags contain a unique ID number, transmitted once per second, using our proprietary 2.4 GHz RF technology. Typical battery life is four to eight years, depending the style of tag.

We offer a number of styles, including ID badge tags, wristband tags, and equipment tags with a split ring.


We offer our own Guard1 wristbands, as well as a selection from the leading wristband manufacturers.

ID Badge Tags


One of our many tag formats is ID badges. Badges can be worn on a lanyard or carried.

Wristband Tags


Wristband tags can be worn on any 1" wide wristband.

When an inmate is released, the wristband is cut off and discarded. The tag can then be washed and reassigned.

PrisonProof Wristbands

PrisonProof Wristbands and Tracking Tags

Our super-tough PrisonProof wristbands are made from specially formulated material. They are waterproof, nonabsorbent, and washable. Comfortable but strong, with 1000 lb. pull strength.

EndurID Wristbands

EndurID wristbands for Guard1

Wristbands from EndurID are printable. A plastic clasp protects the wristband's adhesive closure. RFID tags can be placed inside the closure.

PDC Wristbands

PDC Wristbands for Guard1

PDC wristbands hold an ID label laminated within the wristband. A snap closure holds the wristband in place. RFID tags can be laminated inside the wristband as well.