Mobile Patrol

Smartphone Guard Tracking with GPS

Guard1 Mobile makes it possible to monitor real time information about security patrols being performed in the field. Instantly know the status of each tour – when it is in progress, when it is complete, and if any checkpoints have been missed.

Officers select a tour from a list of tours to perform. Their GPS information along with each location QR code scan and any officer comments will be uploaded immediately.

Mobile Patrols on iOS and Android Phones

Guard1 Mobile on an iOS phone

Guard1 Mobile on an iOS phone
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Perform mobile tours from your iOS or Android phone with Guard1 Mobile. It's ideal for any application requiring proof of presence – guard tours and security patrols, safety inspections, fire extinguisher checks, room inspections, and much more.

Guard1 Mobile is a true real time guard tour system. Select a location, scan the QR code you've placed there, and you have immediate proof of performance, confirmed by GPS.

Supported phones and operating systems:

  • iPhone, iOS 7 or later
  • Android, version 4.4 (Kit Kat) or later

Choose a tour and go!

Select a tour

Selecting a tour
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The Guard1 Mobile app is easy to use. Just choose your tour and begin your patrol.

As an administrator, you can create multiple levels of hierarchy – regions, districts, campuses, clients. You organize your system the way your business is organized. After you assign your officers to your hierarchy, each officer can see – and perform – tours for that hierarchy level and its children.

Confirm guard tour checkpoint visits by scanning QR patrol bar codes

Scan a QR code checkpoint

Scanning a QR code checkpoint
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Seen above: the Tour in Progress view. Guard1 Mobile shows you the checkpoints you have visited (marked with a check), and those that still require a visit. You can see which locations already have a comment attached.

To confirm your visit to a checkpoint location, simply touch the scan icon, and place the QR code within the camera's view.

And unlike other mobile guard tour systems, Guard1 Mobile lets you print your own QR codes on standard label stock. There's no need to pay extra for your QR patrol bar codes – or wait for them to arrive.

Entering comments and observations with Guard1 Mobile

Enter a tour comment

Entering a tour comment
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You can enter additional information as a comment or observation for any Guard1 Mobile checkpoint or tour. Document conditions or problems discovered during the tour, record information or instructions for your maintenance department, document fire extinguisher charge status, or an incident that occurred during a patrol – anything of significance or importance. Comments appear as bubbles for viewing on the Guard1 Mobile web site, so you can identify tours that include comments.

To enter a comment during a guard tour, just touch the comment icon and enter your comment.

Clock In and Clock Out

Clock In

Clocking In
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Guard1 Mobile records officer clock in and clock out history, so you always know your officers' status, and who is performing each patrol. Officers clock in with their own username and password.

Simplify your workforce management with Guard1 Mobile.

View tour results

Tour Detail View

Viewing a tour
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Guard1 Mobile displays your tour information including tour duration, officer, location, time visited and any comments.

Guard1 Mobile gives you unlimited logins for viewing reports. You can set up your managers, supervisors and clients to view reports, and enable your officers to review their own performance. You can limit report viewing to a segment of your organization, so supervisors see only the data for their own branch or division, and clients see only their own reports.

A GPS Map of Your Officers' Tours

A GPS Map of Your Officers' Tours

Viewing GPS guard tour results
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Guard1 Mobile records the GPS location of each checkpoint read. Along with your tour detail, you can view your officers' progress as they proceed from location to location.

Guard1 Mobile is protected by Patent 7,027,955, Guard tour system incorporating a positioning system.

Guard1 Mobile Pricing

Easy to understand pricing and the world's simplest cancellation policy.

  • Only $9.95 per officer per month after your free trial ends.
  • Install the Guard1 Mobile app on as many phones or tablets as you like – at no additional cost.
  • Create and manage your tours from anywhere with our secure website.
  • Unlimited login accounts. Your managers or clients can log in and view reports from anywhere.
  • No obligation. You can cancel at any time. Your cancellation will be effective as of the last day of the month.