Automate. Document. Empower.

Automate your facility’s workflows and empower your officers with mobile device solutions from Guard1. For officers and staff, Guard1 keeps track of pending tasks and documents when they are completed.

For control room staff, administration is simplified by Guard1 Real Time software. For administrators and supervisors, Guard1 provides text message notifications of missed tasks and alerts that you specify.

And with Guard1, there’s no need to buy expensive “warrior” devices. Guard1 works on inexpensive mobile devices, including those administered through your IT department’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) system.

Minimize liability and maximize accountability with Guard1.

Scan Wristbands
Guard1 works with your wristbands or ours. We partner with the largest wristband vendors to provide you the best compatibility, selection and pricing.

Task Lists

Task Lists on Mobile Devices

Guard1 makes it easy for your officers and staff to review and perform upcoming tasks. Tasks are displayed in time order, so officers can see what’s up next. An officer can select just those tasks for the current zone, to see only those tasks he or she is responsible for.


Alert notification on your mobile device

Get a text message or e-mail for any alerts you select – such as tasks that have not been performed, late returns from outside your facility, officer duress, and more.

Well-being checks

Guard1 Mobile well being check

Perform well-being checks on any individuals in your facility. You can assign inmates to time based rules – 15 minutes for special management, for example, or 60 minutes for general population.


Guard1 Mobile documents inspections

Guard1 keeps track of your required inspections and patrols – fire, safety, security, anything you choose to define. It provides alerts to your officers and notifications to your supervisors if inspections or patrols are missed.


Guard1 Mobile documents handouts

Document distribution of meals, medication, commissary items, toiletries – anything. Know who received each item and when. Record and document refusals.


Guard1 Mobile documents activities

With Guard1’s flexible architecture, you can document activities for inmates, officers, housing units, out zones, anything you define.

Inmate Movement

Guard1 Mobile movement view

Move inmates to zones within your facility such as recreation, medical, classes – anywhere. Identify the location, then read inmates’ wristbands to document their new location.

Out Zones

Guard1 Mobile outzone view

Guard1 documents movement to locations outside your facility, such as court, work release or medical facilities. Set the expected return, and receive an alert if the individual has not returned when expected.


Guard1 Mobile facility maps view

Select any zone from a map of your facility and see who is in that zone.


Guard One mobile lookups view

Find anyone in your facility – fast.