Guard1 Plus

Why Guard1 is your best choice.

What should you look for in a guard tour system? Here are some tips from the Guard Tour Experts®.

Can you upgrade? Guard1 offers a wide range of systems. As your needs grow, you can always expand or upgrade.

Does the software provide the reports you need? Guard1 gives you a range of reports. With some versions, automated reports e-mailed to your supervisors.

Help when you need it? We stand behind our products with the best warranty in the industry and world class support. You won't get that from an offshore vendor.

Multiple solutions? Whether you are a nationwide enterprise or a need just a few checkpoints, our wide range of guard tour system choices means we have the right system for you.

Deployment the way you want? Options in the cloud or on your own computer.

Are you getting the best product? The PIPE is most durable and widely used guard tour device, with the longest battery life.

Is it secure? Guard1 uses secure touch button technology. The RFID tags used in some guard tour systems are easily duplicated and the tours and inspections they document can be falsified.

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A system you can count on. Guard1 is the leading guard tour system for so many reasons. The best technology, durability, reliability, service and support. Doesn't your team deserve the best?

Enterprise Guard Tour Systems

Guard1 Plus Enterprise System

Client-Server Guard Tour System

Our Guard1 Plus Server Edition system is the starting point of an enterprise-level security guard monitoring system.

Scaleable Software — Guard1 Plus Server Edition features a modular software architecture. It's easy to add users and equipment.

Database Reliability — The Server Edition database runs on Microsoft SQL Server. Your data is stored on a high-availability platform, giving you the reliability and security you need to manage large amounts of guard tour data.

Collect Data from Across Your Enterprise — With the IP Downloader, you can transfer patrol data across your LAN, WAN, or the Internet. Server Edition can manage dozens or hundreds of downloaders.

Advanced Reporting — Guard1 Plus Server Edition offers the advanced reporting you expect from an enterprise-level security guard monitoring system. You can generate tour reports and exception reports for a specific facility or group, and manage by exception across your enterprise.

Reporting Services — Built on Microsoft's SQL Reporting Services, our reporting engine sends reports automatically or on demand, in a variety of formats. You can send a report via e-mail to each manager's inbox daily or weekly. You can use the prepared reports that come with the system or create your own reports. The possibilities are endless.

Costs Less than You Think — Customers usually tell us that Guard1 Plus Server Edition costs less than they expected. And one of the great benefits of Server Edition's modular architecture is that you can start with a smaller implementation and add to it as your needs grow. The cost of adding guard tour reporting to a new location with Server Edition is less than the cost of a separate single-user system.

System Choices

We offer one pre-configured Guard1 Plus Server Edition system. Your TimeKeeping Systems sales representative can help you to determine the exact system configuration that's best for you.

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Single-User Guard Tour Systems

Guard1 Plus System

Single User Guard Tour System

Our most popular systems — used by thousands of corporate security departments and commercial guarding companies worldwide.

Everything you need in one package

Our single-user systems include everything you need to get started performing guard patrols with one officer. Our security patrol system configurations have been developed with years of experience working with thousands of customers. If you have more officers or locations to patrol, just add readers or checkpoints.

Easy to set up — Getting started is easy. Just install the software, identify your checkpoints and mount them in your facility, and you're ready to go. Guard1 Plus is easy to understand because its hierarchical organization matches the way your own operation is organized.

Easy to use — Using Guard1 Plus is easy, too. To perform a patrol, just touch the checkpoint buttons with The PIPE. At the end of the patrol, or the end of the day, put the PIPE in your downloader. Your patrol data is transferred in a few seconds, and the PIPE is available for additional tours. You focus on managing your department, not on learning software.

Advanced reporting — Guard1 Plus produces a wide variety of reports — tour reports and exception reports — that make it easy to review your officers' tours.

Upgrade path — Your investment is protected because our systems can grow with you. All of our single-user Guard1 Plus systems are upgradeable to Guard1 Plus Server Edition.

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Guard1 Plus System Selection Guide

We offer a complete range of pre-configured guard patrol systems. Whether you require a small, low-cost system or an enterprise-level solution, one of our patrol systems will meet your needs.

More Choices

We're the leader in guard patrol systems. And that means you have more choices. Whether you need a simple, low-cost system to a large enterprise-level implementation collecting data from multiple remote sites, we have a guard patrol solution for you.

An Upgrade Path

Most of our systems provide an upgrade path. It's nice to know that you can upgrade your software or expand the capabilities of your patrol system as your needs increase.

Questions? Need help?

Our sales team can help you select the system most suited to your needs. Or, we can help you with a custom system configuration. Give us a call at 1-800-THE-PIPE. We'll help you find the system that's best for you.

Guard1 Plus System Contents

Guard1 Plus Basic Edition
Guard1 Plus Professional Edition
Guard1 Plus Server Edition
Software Upgrade Path<■1<■1<■2
Online Training Class
One Year Support Subscription3
Reader and Downloader
USB Downloader
Checkpoints and Accessories
Nylon Belt Holster
Leather Incident Wallet
5mm Touch Memory Button50100100
Adhesive Foam Disk50100100
Plastic Wall-Mount Button Holder100100
Keyring Button Holder222
Reader Warranty (years)555
Other Hardware Warranty (years)111
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  1. Upgrade to Guard1 Plus Server Edition.
  2. Server Edition systems can be expanded by obtaining additional licenses.
  3. Support via telephone, e-mail, or chat.