Coronavirus guidance and solutions

In these challenging times, Guard1 is here to help you. We've always been focused on helping you monitor the well-being of those in your care and custody. Here are some of our solutions and best practices.

Documenting Individual Contacts

The PIPE, rugged data record for guard tour

Knowing who an individual came into contact with can be invaluable if anyone in your facility tests positive.

Your Guard1 system can help you to document an individual's location and movement.

Guard1 tracks location and movement automatically or with rugged mobile devices. If an infection does occur, you can easily print a report showing who was in contact with whom.

Guard1 also gives you keep separate alerts, so you can separate susceptible individuals or groups from others in your facility – and know instantly if there is a problem.

Recording Temperature Measurement

Guard1 Mobile Temperature Measurement

Guard1 is now offering our mobile devices with direct temperature reading. Please contact your sales representative for details.

Documenting Temperature Measurements

Documenting Coronavirus Observations with The PIPE

Guard1 rugged mobile devices and The PIPE can be used to document individual temperature readings.

All well-being checks performed with your mobile devices can include a temperature check observation. Or you can create a special well-being check for temperature recording.

If your facility uses The PIPE, you can use our button wallet to document individuals' temperatures. The button wallet records staff observations while performing well-being checks.

Depending on your needs, you can have a pair of buttons defined as "Temperature OK" and "Temperature Elevated", or you can have buttons for specific temperatures: 98°, 99°, 100°, etc., or even by half degrees.

Sales and Technical Support

Guard1 Technical Support

Technical support is available from our support team, which is observing a work-at-home order currently in place in our headquarters state of Ohio. Our technical support hours are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.

Our Professional Services team is continuing to complete Guard1 Real Time implementations at a record pace, via remote access.

We are currently maintaining our shipping standard of 99.5% of products shipped from stock. Orders received by 12:00 PM, not requiring special configuration, ship the same day.

Product availability. We manufacture nearly all of our products at our headquarters outside Cleveland, and we have been able to maintain our stock levels.

Despite the current crisis, our goal is to continue to provide the same high level of service and support that our customers have relied upon for over thirty years.

Cleaning your Guard1 Devices

Cleaning your Guard1 Devices

The PIPE is made of stainless steel with a grip made of Santoprene, a rubber-like compound. The PIPE can be immersed in soapy water, alcohol or bleach. Do not use hydrocarbons like acetone or toluene to clean The PIPE. If compressed air is available, blow any water or cleaning liquid out of the speaker area via the holes in the tip; otherwise, just give The PIPE a few taps.

Guard1 CAT mobile devices can be cleaned in warm soapy water – even at the same time you are washing your hands. First unplug any connectors and make sure all the port covers are closed. Then simply lather the device in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry. The Guard1 mobile device can be immersed for washing and rinsing. You can also use alcohol wipes or bleach. Be sure all ports are firmly closed.

Active tags are waterproof and can be cleaned by immersion in soapy water, alcohol, or bleach. Wristbands and NFC wristband tags should not be re-used. If you remove a wristband from an individual, discard the wristband.