Guard1 Plus Single User 

Guard1 Plus Single User Editions

Used in thousands of facilities by security departments and commercial guarding companies, Guard1 Plus is the choice of security managers worldwide. It offers a wide range of advanced and innovative patrol management features.

Hardware Support

Our patented Attendant technology handles downloads even when Guard1 Plus is not running. This means your officers can download 24x7 without requiring access to the program. Or download from anywhere via LAN, WAN, or Internet with the IP Downloader.

Flexible, Powerful Rules-Based Reporting

Powerful reporting features make it easy and efficient to manage your guard force.

Rules act as filters for your patrol data. Specify a timeframe and the number of visits required, and Guard1 Plus can generate an exception report. A wide variety of reports are available, showing exception, visit history, observations and incidents, expected vs. actual visits, and more.

Easy to Set Up and Use

With Guard1 Plus, setup is simple. The application automatically finds your hardware and configures port settings and other details. Wizards help you define your checkpoints and add your facilities and locations. Guard1 Plus is easy to use because it organizes your information the way you do. And there's extensive online documentation and a free 60-day trial version.

World Class Product Support

Our support team is here to help you get up and running and make the most of your investment. Your purchase includes on-line training, and one year of world-class technical support via e-mail, chat, or phone.

Which Version is Right for You?

Guard1 Plus is available in two editions. Select the version that is best for you, with confidence that you can upgrade as your needs grow.

Guard1 Plus Professional Edition

Our most popular software package, Guard1 Plus Professional Edition is an ideal single-user solution for many small and mid-sized security departments. Upgradeable to Server Edition.

Guard1 Plus Basic Edition

For smaller patrol management needs or limited budgets, Guard1 Plus Basic Edition offers many of the features of our Professional Edition, with the capability to upgrade to Professional Edition.

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