Rounds Tracker Screen View 

Rounds Tracker

Rounds Tracker is a management tool for institutions and organizations with many patrols and button reads. Each cell is color-coded, making it simple to identify locations which were missed or visited late.

Manage by Exception — Rounds Tracker detects and displays visits which violate or fail to meet the limits you specify. Rounds Tracker can also determine exceptions based on a required number of visits per hour.

Review all your Guard Tours at a Glance — Rounds Tracker displays large amounts of data in a single view. Exceptions are highlighted. Simply move your mouse over a cell to see the details for any item.

Saves Time and Effort — There's no need to review pages of reports. Managers and supervisors can tell at a glance whether patrols have been performed as required.

Works with Guard1 Plus — Rounds Tracker runs in Microsoft Excel and is an add-on module for Guard1 Plus.

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