How to Perform Data Maintenance Tasks in Guard1 Plus version 5

Published: 2015-07-29


Last Updated: 2015-10-28


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The Data Maintenance Application allows you to back up, restore and archive your Guard1 Plus database. A Backup of your database is a copy of your Master database. Archiving removes old data from the Master database and places this removed data in a separate, viewable Archive database. Restoring a database allows you to overwrite the Master database with a Backup file.


By default, you will be reminded to back up your database every 30 days, and to archive the database every 180 days. You can modify these default settings through the Data Maintenance application. You can also refresh the reports and database procedures.


. If you have Guard1 Plus SE, you will need to use SQL Management Studio to create the backup file and to restore the SQL database backup file.



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