How to Replace an Officer Button

Published: 2010-04-12


Last Updated: 2010-07-26

Applies To

  • Guard1 Plus versions: 2.06, 2.5x, 2.60, 2.7x, 2.8x, 3.x
  • Guard1 Plus SE versions: 4.12, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40


After repeated use, some buttons become difficult to read so you need to replace the button. Replacing an Officer button just involves deleting the old button and adding a new button.


More Information

First you will delete the old button.


  1. From Guard1 Plus open the Buttons tab.
  2. Expand the section for Officer buttons.
  3. Locate the Officer button that needs to be deleted. You may need to compare the identification numbers to select the correct button.
  4. Highlight this button and right-click, click Delete and click Yes to delete the button.


Now, you will add a new Officer button to replace the old button.