Using the USB Downloader Application

Published: 2015-07-29


Last Updated: 2019-09-24


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The USB Downloader Application allows you to view information about the Downloader, PIPE, and last download. It also allows you to disable the PIPE's beeper, set a Start Tour Reminder and view the PIPE's event logs.


The USB Downloader Application is started automatically when you log in to the PC. For Guard1 Plus SE users, the USB Downloader Application is an optional component.



More Information

To launch the USB Downloader Application, double-click the USB Downloader icon in the System Tray.



Downloader Status

The Downloader Status tab contains information about the Downloader and the PIPE currently docked in the Downloader such as:


PIPE Settings

The PIPE Settings tab provides control of the currently docked PIPE. The commands below work with PIPE II only.  PIPE II serial numbers begin with "A". Original PIPE (serial numbers beginning with a numeral) will only respond to the Beep command.


To modify the PIPE's settings:

  1. From the System tray (typically the lower right hand corner of the computer screen), open theGuard1 Plus - USB Downloader application.
  2. Open the PIPE Settings tab.




PIPE Event Logs

The History log tells you how the PIPE has been handled. The presence of the event types below could indicate handling outside the expected usage conditions of The PIPE.


Event Type Possible Causes

Tip Shorted

• Placing a metal object across the tip

• Submerging the PIPE II in water


• Connecting the PIPE II to an external power source (negative terminal)


• Connecting the PIPE II to an external power source (positive terminal)

Mechanical Shock

• Dropping the PIPE II deliberately with an undue amount of force

Volts Equivalent Drop to Concrete
1.2V – 1.4V 8 feet
1.4V – 1.8V 16 feet
1.8V – 2.1V 24 feet