Data Maintenance Scheduler 3.00 locks up while exporting the Guard1 Plus database

Published: November 8, 2005


Last Updated: 2010-03-12

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While exporting the Guard1 Plus 3.0x database, Data Maintenance Scheduler 3.00 locks up with the progress bar stuck at the midpoint.



This is a known issue with Data Maintenance Scheduler 3.00. During the export process, DMS creates a temporary working table in the Guard1 Plus database. If a failure occurs during the export, the table is not deleted and prevents future exports from working.


This problem was corrected in version Data Maintenance Scheduler 3.02 (released approximately December 15, 2005). Upgrade to Data Maintenance Scheduler version 3.02 or later.


DMS 3.02 removes the temporary table if it is already present when the export process begins.