Guard1 Plus Data Maintenance

Published: 2006-07-15


Last Updated: 2016-02-24


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There are two data maintenance tasks that should be performed regularly to maintain the integrity of your Guard1 Plus data and ensure that you have a copy of the database in the event of a hard drive failure or other disaster.




A third task, Verify Data Integrity, applies to Guard1 Plus 2.x and 3.x only.  It compacts and reindexes the database to remove slack space and ensure table integrity. The Archive and Backup functions perform the Verify Data Integrity check as part of their process. If you regularly Archive and Backup your database, you do not have to perform Verify Data Integrity separately.




Data Maintenance procedures vary between versions. Please review the section for your version of Guard1 Plus. Your version can be found by opening Guard1 Plus then clicking Help > About Guard1 Plus.








Viewing Guard1 Plus Archives and Backups

After you have created an Archive or Backup file you can view the file and run reports on the data it contains. This allows you to create reports for old patrol data if necessary.


Archive and Backup files are read-only.  You cannot add, delete or edit any information in the Archive or Backup file.



Restoring from a Backup

NOTE: This information applies to Guard1 Plus versions 2.x, 3.x and 5.x only.  Guard1 Plus SE backups are created and managed by your SQL Server Database Administrator.


Restoring from a Backup file may be necessary if there is a problem with your master database. Also, when you move Guard1 Plus to a new PC you should create a Backup on the old PC, then restore from it on the new PC. To restore from a Backup:




Data Maintenance Scheduler (version 2.x and 3.x only)

Data Maintenance Scheduler (DMS) allows you to set up Windows Scheduled Tasks to automate the following Data Maintenance functions:


DMS provides unattended Data Maintenance capability and removes the responsibility to perform these functions from the user.


DMS is an add-on product for Guard1 Plus versions 2.7x and earlier and 3.x, and is included with Guard1 Plus 2.8x. It does not apply to Guard1 Plus 5.x or Guard1 Plus SE. Please refer to Data Maintenance Scheduler for more information.