Automating SQL Server Express Backups

Published: 2016-08-23


Last Updated: 2019-06-05



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Guard1 Plus version 5.x uses SQL Server Express exclusively, and Guard1 Plus SE supports SQL Server Express.


SQL Server Express editions do not offer a way to schedule either jobs or maintenance plans because the SQL Server Agent component is not included in these editions. While manual backups can be performed with the Guard1 Plus Data Maintenance Application or via SQL Server Management Studio for Guard1 Plus SE users, a different approach is necessary to automate backups for these products.


For Guard1 Plus SE users who wish to have direct control over the process, Microsoft KB Topic 2019698 describes how to use a Transact-SQL script together with Windows Task Scheduler to automate backups.


For Guard1 Plus and SE users who are willing to use a third-party utility, TimeKeeping Systems suggests SQL Backup Master from Key Metric Software. This article describes how to configure SQL Backup Master to create a scheduled backup of the Guard1 Plus master database.








Obtaining SQL Backup Master

SQL Backup Master can be downloaded from


It should be installed on the Guard1 Plus PC, or on the SQL Server for Guard1 Plus SE.



Configuring SQL Backup Master