-2: Site key not valid possible mistype

Published: October 5, 2006


Last Updated: 2009-12-16

Applies To


When entering your Guard1 Plus or Rounds Tracker activation number you receive the following error:





Activation numbers are PC-specific and one-time use only. If you are attempting to re-use an activation number, or if you printed the Activation Request form from a different PC than you are trying to activate, please obtain a new activation number.


Verify that you have entered the activation number correctly. Spaces and capital letters are optional. Only letters A-F and numbers 0-9 are used. If you received your activation number by email, copy and paste the activation number into the Activate Software Wizard.


If you still receive the error after confirming that items above:

  1. Cancel the Activate Software Wizard.
  2. On the Guard1 Plus Welcome Screen, is there a checkbox above the Activate button stating "Don't show me this message anymore"?
    1. Yes - your software is already activated. The modules listed as "Expired" on the Welcome Screen are optional modules that you did not purchase. Check the "Don't show me..." box and click Start.  No further action is necessary.
    2. No - proceed to the next section.


Verify that your Site Code is stable:

  1. Close all open programs.
  2. Click Start > Programs (or All Programs) > Guard1 Plus > Technical Support Information.
  3. If you receive an error, click OK.
  4. In the Technical Support Application window, find the "Registered to:" section in the middle of the screen.
  5. The last line of the "Registered to:" section is the Site Code. Write this number down.
  6. Close the Technical Support Application.
  7. Restart the PC.
  8. Perform steps 2 through 5.
  9. Compare the Site Code from Step 5 with the Site Code from Step 8. Are they the same?
    1. Yes - close the Technical Support Application and obtain a new activation number.
    2. No - repeat Steps 6-8. Compare the Site Codes. Are they the same?
      1. Yes - close the Technical Support Application and obtain a new activation number.
      2. No - there is a problem with your licensing files. Perform a clean uninstall/reinstall of Guard1 Plus. Note: this applies to Rounds Tracker if it is installed on the same PC as Guard1 Plus.  If the error occurs with Rounds Tracker and it is installed on a separate PC, perform a clean Uninstall of Rounds Tracker 3.x.












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