-429: ActiveX component can't create object

Published: June 17, 2005


Last Updated: 2010-12-22

Applies To



When opening Guard1 Plus


When previewing or printing Guard1 Plus reports


When trying to run a Guard1 Plus SE configuration or maintenance wizard


You receive the following error:



The error may be preceded by -1 CrypKey is not initialized.





If the error occurs at program launch:



If the error occurs when printing or previewing reports:


If the error occurs when you try to run a Guard1 Plus SE configuration or maintenance wizard, verify that you have installed the Guard1 Plus SE Local Client on the workstation where you're running the wizard. The Local Client installation provides the DLL and OCX files necessary to run the configuration and maintenance wizards. NOTE: If you have installed the Network Client you must uninstall it and install the Local Client instead. Refer to the Guard1 Plus SE Administrators Manual for more information.














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