1004: Unable to set the X property of the PageSetup class

Published: 2013-07-11


Last Updated: 2013-07-11


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When attempting to generate a Rounds Tracker or Rounds Tracker SE report you receive the following error:


  • modExcel.PageSetupDefaults 1004: Unable to set the X property of the PageSetup class


Where X is one of the following:

  BlackAndWhite Order
  BottomMargin Orientation
  CenterFooter PaperSize
  CenterHeader PrintArea
  CenterHorizontally PrintComments
  CenterVertically PrintGridlines
  ChartSize PrintHeadings
  Draft PrintNotes
  FirstPageNumber PrintQuality
  FitToPagesTall PrintTitleColumns
  FitToPagesWide PrintTitleRows
  FooterMargin RightFooter
  HeaderMargin RightHeader
  LeftFooter RightMargin
  LeftHeader TopMargin
  LeftMargin Zoom


Clicking OK clears the error and the report is displayed successfully.



This problem occurs when there are no printer drivers installed on your computer. Microsoft Excel cannot set or get page setup properties if no printer drivers are installed.



To prevent this problem from occurring, install a printer driver on your computer. Use the Printers option in Control Panel to add and remove printer drivers.


Refer to Microsoft KB Article 291298 for more information.


If a printer driver is already installed, and you can successfully print to the printer from other applications, restart the PC and try again.