3112: Record(s) cannot be read; no read permission on 'Application'.

Published: June 17, 2008


Last Updated: 2009-12-17

Applies To


When opening Guard1 Plus


When the Attendant attempts to process a download file


You receive the following error:



May be preceded by There was an error opening the database and/or There was an error trying to process download file...






If Guard1 Plus opens successfully after clicking OK at the error message, compress and reindex the database:

  1. Click Help > Data Maintenance Wizard.
  2. Choose Verify data integrity.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click Next to begin the process.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. Close and reopen Guard1 Plus.
  7. Attempt to perform the action that triggered the error.


If the error recurs, and Guard1 Plus does not open successfully after clicking OK at the error message, your database is corrupt. You will have to restore from a Backup file.


If the error recurs but Guard1 Plus opens successfully after clicking OK at the error message, your database is corrupt but still useable as an Archive.

  1. Move your master database.  This copy will be used as your Archive, allowing you to access your old data.
    1. Close Guard1 Plus.
    2. Open My Computer and navigate to C:\Program Files\Guard1 Plus (or C:\TimeKeeping Systems\Guard1 Plus if Windows Vista.)
    3. Right-click the file G1Master.g1p and select Cut. NOTE: depending on your Windows View settings, you may not be able to see the .g1p file extension. Choose the G1Master file with the large blue "1" icon.
    4. Paste the file to the folder C:\Program Files\Guard1 Plus\Archives (or C:\TimeKeeping Systems\Guard1 Plus\Archives if Windows Vista.)
    5. Right-click the file you just pasted and select Rename.
    6. Rename the file to "Archive of G1Master, DATE & prior.g1p" (where DATE is today's date.)
  2. Open Guard1 Plus. You will see a message stating "Now setting up master database...please wait."


Guard1 Plus has created a new, empty database. You will have to set up your Buttons and Facilities from scratch.  DO NOT restore your data from the old database - doing so will import the corrupt tables to your new database, causing the same problem with the new file.


See Guard1 Plus Data Maintenance for information on how to prevent database problems.
















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