5834: Item with specified name does not exist

Published: 2013-10-10


Last Updated: 2013-10-10



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When attempting to print or preview a Guard1 Plus report you receive the following error:



This error may be preceded by 4248: This command is not available because no document is open.





If you are using Microsoft Word 2007 or newer:

  1. Close Guard1 Plus and any open Word windows.
  2. Open Word.
  3. Click the Office Button (Word 2007) or File (Word 2010 or 2013), then select Options.
  4. In the left pane, click Trust Center.
  5. In the right pane, click Trust Center Settings.
  6. In the left pane, click File Block Settings.
  7. Click Restore Defaults.
  8. Click Restore Defaults to confirm.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Close Word.
  12. Open Guard1 Plus and print or preview the report again.


Refer to Microsoft KB Article 922849 for more information about File Block Settings.



If the above procedure is unsuccessful, or if you are running Word 2003

On the report Appearance tab in Guard1 Plus, change the Style and attempt to run the report again. If the error does not recur, the original Style's template file is damaged. The only way to correct damaged template files is to uninstall/reinstall Guard1 Plus.


If another Style works successfully, you can set it to be the default Style for all reports:

  1. In Guard1 Plus, click View > Guard1 Plus Options.
  2. Click the Reports tab.
  3. Select a Style that does not cause the error.
  4. Click Save.


If the error recurs with any Style, uninstall/reinstall Guard1 Plus.


















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