61: Disk Full

Published: March 2, 2005


Last Updated: 2009-12-07


Applies To



When downloading a PIPE at a Mini-Attendant workstation


When creating a database backup with the Data Maintenance Wizard


You receive the following error:



When this error message is closed the Wizard reports the backup is complete. The Data Maintenance Wizard is finished however the backup file was not created., After disk space has been made available, you should perform another backup.




If the error occurs when downloading a PIPE to a Mini-Attendant workstation:

  1. Check the size of the DL2 files in the Mini-Attendant Destination folder. Delete all files that are 0 KB in size. NOTE: Mini-Attendant and Mini-Attendant File Manager may need to be shut down before the files can be deleted successfully.
  2. Verify that there is at least 1.5 GB free space on the Mini-Attendant workstation hard drive and on the Destination folder's drive.


When this problem occurs, the PIPE data is not downloaded and cleared. After the 0 KB files are deleted, download the PIPE again.


If the error occurs when creating a Backup:

  1. Verify that there is at least 1.5 GB free space on the destination hard drive. NOTE: it is recommended that Archive and Backup files be created on the local hard drive, then copied to a network folder or other safe storage.  See Guard1 Plus Data Maintenance for more information.


When this problem occurs you may be left with an incomplete Backup file. The file is unusable - it will be impossible to restore your data from this file. It should be deleted from your hard drive, and you should create a new Backup.












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