Attendant.exe has generated an error and will be closed by Windows

Published: June 28, 2006


Last Updated: 2009-12-18

Applies To


When opening Guard1 Plus


When opening the Attendant


You receive the following error:






Several applications/devices are know to cause this problem because they perform repetitive polling of all available COM ports while waiting for their associated device to be connected. This blocks the Attendant from communicating with the Downloader. Known applications:


If you have any of these or similar applications running, shut each one down, then restart Guard1 Plus and the Attendant.


If the error recurs, disconnect the Downloader's data cable from the PC. Restart Guard1 Plus. If the error does not recur with the cable disconnected, contact Technical Support.


If the error recurs, uninstall/reinstall Guard1 Plus.


If the error persists after reinstalling Guard1 Plus, there may be a problem with the serial port or USB port on your PC. If you are using a serial cable and have a USB cable from TimeKeeping Systems, try switching to the USB cable. If you are using a TimeKeeping Systems USB cable and have an available serial port on the PC, try switching to the serial cable.


If you are unable to switch cables, contact Technical Support.