[DBNETLIB][ConnectionWrite (send()).]General network error. Check your network documentation.

Published: 2011-02-23


Last Updated: 2011-02-23

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When using the Guard1 Plus SE Client you receive the following error:



The error may occur multiple times.


After clicking OK at all instances of the error, if you continue to attempt to perform Client activities you will receive multiple instances of the following error:



Closing the Client returns the original error again.


Attempting to open the Client again on this or another workstation may result in Unable to obtain a license (-119). Please contact your system administrator  because the Client license that was active at the time of the errors is now locked up.





After closing the Client, verify that the workstation can connect to the local network and that you can access the Guard1 Plus SE Server shared folder. The Client workstation, the server where the Guard1 Plus SE Server share resides and the SQL Server must be connected to the local network in order for Guard1 Plus SE to function. If network connectivity is interrupted, even momentarily, it can result in this error.


If this error occurs, the Client license that was in use at the time will lock up and will not be available for use by this or other workstations. You must run the G1LicenseResetWizard to release the license. Please see Unable to obtain a license (-119). Please contact your system administrator for the procedure to release the license.