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There is not enough memory to update display

Published: July 11, 2005


Last Updated: 2010-07-26

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When attempting to print or preview a Word-based Guard1 Plus report for a large time period (such as a year), Guard1 Plus hangs and you receive one of the following Microsoft Word errors:




MS Word can run out of memory when extensive table formatting is performed. Because Word-based Guard1 Plus reports use tables, large reports (200-400 pages in length for example) can cause Word to run out of memory.  This results in both Guard1 Plus and MS Word "hanging".



Close both Guard1 Plus and MS Word, then restart the PC.


If the problem recurs, break the report into smaller reports. For example, instead of printing one report that spans one year, try printing two reports that each span six months. If that does not work, try four reports that span three months, etc.


Dot Matrix-style reports do not use MS Word and also use less system resources. If you continue to experience the problem, change the Report Style to Dot Matrix.


The problem may be mitigated by increasing the amount of RAM in the PC, or upgrading to a PC with more RAM.