Error connecting to the Report Server. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

Published: 2015-12-02


Last Updated: 2016-08-08


Applies To




During the Reports phase of the Data Maintenance Application you receive the following error:



NOTE: the highlighted item may be http or https.










Guard1 Plus SE only






After making necessary changes to the items above, reset the Report Server Connection Parameters:

  1. Exit the Data Maintenance Application.
  2. Delete the file Tks.G1Plus.Dc.G1pRsConfig from the folder C:\ProgramData\TimeKeeping Systems\Guard1 Plus\TKS Guard1Plus Service. This will allow you to re-enter your Report Server connection parameters by re-running the Data Maintenance Application.
  3. Launch the Data Maintenance Application from the All Programs menu by right-clicking its shortcut and selecting Run as administrator.
  4. Log in with your Guard1 Plus SE Supervisor credentials.
  5. Enter your Report Server Name or IP, Report Server Virtual Directory (with appended Instance Name if applicable) and desired Report Folder name.
  6. Select the appropriate SSL option:
    • If the highlighted item in Symptoms is http: Your Report Server is configured to use HTTPS only. Select Use SSL (HTTPS).
    • If the highlighted item in Symptoms is https: Your Report Server is configured to use HTTP only. Do not select Use SSL (HTTPS).
  7. Click Next. The Reports configuration should complete successfully.