Invalid object name '<ObjectName>'

Published: 2007-01-31


Last Updated: 2010-07-26

Applies To



When trying to delete or edit items on the Facilities Tab in Client SE


When trying to reset database pairing using the G1Cfg 401 command


You receive the following error:



Where <ObjectName> is the name of a database table or other SQL object.








If the error references a Reporting Services object (e.g. 'rsReportStandard'), install SQL Reporting Services.


If SQL Reporting Services is already installed, or if the error recurs after installing it, uninstall Guard1 Plus SE Reporting Services and reinstall it per the instructions in the Guard1 Plus SE Reporting Services Administrators Manual (versions 4.12 or 4.20) or the Guard1 Plus SE Administrators Manual (version 4.30 and higher). The manual can be found on your Guard1 Plus SE CD and in the Guard1 Plus SE Server shared folder.


If the error references a database table (e.g. 'Application'), the referenced table is either missing or damaged. Restore the affected database from a known-good Backup. If you do not have a Backup file, contact Technical Support.

















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