No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

Published: 2015-12-02


Last Updated: 2015-12-02


Applies To


When opening the Guard1 Plus Client, Rounds Tracker, Data Maintenance Application or Configure Unassigned Buttons Application you receive an error message that contains the following:









Verify the Guard1 Plus Service is running:

  1. On the PC where the Guard1 Plus Service is installed, right-click the Taskbar and select Start Task Manager or Task Manager.
  2. Click the Services Tab. (On Windows 8.1 and 10 you may have to click the More Details link at bottom left to see the Services Tab).
  3. Find the TKS Guard1Plus Service. Its Status should be "Running". If the service Status is "Stopped", right-click the service name and select Start Service or Start.


If the problem persists after starting the service, or the service is already running:


If the problem persists:



A similar error may occur during the Reporting Services configuration phase of the Guard1 Plus SE 5.2 Data Maintenance Application. This error occurs when you have configured your Report Server to use HTTPS only, but did not select the Use SSL (HTTPS) option on the Data Maintenance Reporting Services Configuration page.