There was an error connecting to the database

Published: August 24, 2006


Last Updated: 2009-12-29

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When attempting to select Other Guard1 Plus database in Rounds Tracker from a remote Rounds Tracker PC and choosing the master database file on the Guard1 Plus PC you receive the following error:







Ensure that the primary PC’s share is set to “Full control” for Everyone, and that the C:\Program Files\Guard1 Plus folder’s local security gives at least “Modify” permissions to Users. 


Best Practice:  it is not advisable to connect directly to the Guard1 Plus master database from a remote Rounds Tracker PC.  This may result in data loss, inability to open Guard1 Plus while Rounds Tracker accesses the database, or instability in Guard1 Plus.


You should use Data Maintenance Scheduler to create Backups in a shared folder for use with Rounds Tracker.