This report contains no data and can't be printed or previewed

Published: 2005-09-09


Last Updated: 2010-07-26

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When attempting to print or preview a Guard1 Plus report you receive the following message:





Download your PIPEs then verify that you have button scans for the date range specified in the report.  You can do this by clicking the Downloads Tab, then double-clicking the most recent download.  This will open the download's Summary page in the right window pane.  Click the Detail Tab at the bottom of this page to view the button scans and their date/time stamps.


This issue can occur if all or some of your Location buttons are Unassociated, or if you have recently made changes to the Facilities tab such as:


Locations must be associated to a Client, Facility or Group to appear on filtered reports. Also, changes made to any of the items above will not apply to previously downloaded data - you must download new data before you run the report.