Unable to obtain a license (-102). Please contact your system administrator.

Published: 2007-11-15


Last Updated: 2013-03-21

Applies To


When opening Rounds Tracker SE or Client SE, or when attempting to download a PIPE at an Attendant SE workstation, you receive the following error:







If the error occurs only when opening Rounds Tracker SE and you can open Client SE successfully:



If the error occurs when opening Client SE or attempting to download a PIPE at an Attendant SE workstation, please contact Technical Support for assistance with clearing and reactivating your license using the correct SQL Server Name.




More Information

To help prevent license conflicts, follow these recommendations:


Note that releasing licenses while the application is in use does not cause data loss or other problems.  If you release a license while someone is using Rounds Tracker SE, they will receive the Unable to obtain a license error and must simply close and reopen the application to obtain a new lease.