Unable to obtain a license (-115). Please contact your system administrator.

Published: 2007-11-15


Last Updated: 2010-07-26

Applies To


When opening Attendant SE


When downloading a PIPE or Downloader at an Attendant SE workstation


You receive the following error:






Attendant SE licenses are PC-specific.  Once Attendant SE has been installed and used on a PC, an Attendant SE license is tied to that PC.


If you move Attendant SE to a new PC, you have to release the original license(s) for use with the new PC(s).


To release the license(s):


More Information

*If you want to release the license for a specific PC, you can identify the PC via the Computer Fingerprint shown in the List Licensing Activity window. The Computer Fingerprint is composed of the PC's physical (MAC) address followed by a computed identification hash. There are two ways to find the MAC address of the workstation:



Note that releasing licenses while the application is in use does not cause data loss or other problems.  Attendant SE only checks the license table when it is actively communicating with the server. If you release a license and get the Unable to obtain a license error on other workstations, simply close and reopen Attendant SE to obtain a new lease