modG1PSE.DecryptSSP 5 The parameter is incorrect

Published: 2009-05-26


Last Updated: 2010-07-26

Applies To


After you save a Rounds Tracker SE report to a folder other than the installation folder, then click Setup on the Rounds Tracker toolbar


When you open a Rounds Tracker SE report saved in a folder other than the installation folder


When you open Rounds Tracker SE


You receive the following error:



The error may be followed by clsDatabase.Connect -2147217843: Invalid authorization specification and There was an error opening the configuration database.





The issue with saving Rounds Tracker files was resolved in Guard1 Plus SE version 4.40. Rounds Tracker 4.40 includes a Save As button on the Rounds Tracker toolbar that saves the file without any macros, eliminating this problem.


To save Rounds Tracker reports in versions earlier than 4.40:


All versions: ensure that all User Accounts have "Modify" permissions to the Guard1 Plus SE Server share and folder.