Configure a scheduled SQL Job to release Guard1 Plus SE licenses

Published: 2013-07-15


Last Updated: 2013-07-15

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Because it is common for Guard1 Plus SE client application licenses to "hang", either for network or software reasons or simply because someone forgot to close their Client session, it may be desirable to set up a SQL Job to periodically release all licenses.



To create a SQL job

  1. In SQL Management Studio Object Explorer, connect to an instance of the SQL Server Database Engine and then expand that instance.
  2. Expand SQL Server Agent.
  3. Right-click Jobs, and then click New Job.
  4. On the General page:
    1. In the Name field, type a name for the job (e.g. Delete Open G1PSE Licenses).
    2. In the Owner field, type the name of the SQL Login associated with Guard1 Plus SE (e.g. guard).
    3. Select a Category if desired.
    4. Enter a Description (e.g. Releases any Guard1 Plus SE Attendant, Client and Rounds Tracker licenses that are in use).
  5. In the left pane, click Steps.
    1. Click New.
    2. In the Step Name field, type a name for the step (e.g. License Release Step).
    3. Paste one or more of the following lines into the Command Window, depending on what type of licenses are to be released:

    Delete From [Guard1PlusConfig].[dbo].[LicensedAttendants]

    Delete From [Guard1PlusConfig].[dbo].[LicensedClients]

    Delete From [Guard1PlusConfig].[dbo].[LicensedRoundsTrackerClients]

    1. In the left pane, click Advanced.
    2. Set the On success action to Quit the job reporting success.
    3. Click OK.
  6. In the left pane, click Schedules.
    1. Click New.
    2. In the Name field, type a name for the schedule (e.g. G1PSE License Release Schedule).
    3. Set the Schedule Type to Recurring.
    4. Select a Frequency and Duration.
    5. Click OK.
  7. Click OK.