Scheduled Delivery of Guard1 Plus SE Reports

Published: 2016-02-10


Last Updated: 2016-02-10


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This document describes how to set up a Reporting Services Subscription for a Guard1 Plus SE report.







Generate a Guard1 Plus SE Reporting Services report:

  1. Launch the Guard1 Plus SE Client.
  2. Select the Reporting Services tab (version 4.4) or the Reports tab (version 5.x).
  3. Double-click the report you would like to run.
  4. On the report properties General tab, change the report’s name to one that describes the scheduled report (e.g. Weekly Incident Report).
  5. Enter the date range for the report.  NOTEusing a relative date range is recommended (e.g. Past 5 days).
  6. Click the Appearance tab and select the desired parameters.
  7. If applicable, click the Filter - Locations tab and choose the Client, Facility, Group or Location you want included in this report.
  8. If applicable, click the Filter - Incidents tab and choose the Incidents you want included in this report.
  9. If applicable, click the Filter - Officers tab and select the Officers you want included in this report.
  10. Click the Save icon (floppy disk) to save this report definition. It will be saved in the Custom Reports folder on the Reporting Service tab (version 4.4) or the Reports tab (version 5.x).
  11. Click the View icon (Print Preview) to display the report in your default browser.


Create a Reporting Services Subscription to the report:

  1. Open an Internet Explorer window and go to the Report Manager home page (e.g. //ReportServerName/Reports).
  2. Click the Guard1 Plus SE reports folder (typically G1PSE).
  3. Click the Guard1 Plus folder.
  4. Click the language folder (e.g. En).
  5. Click the category folder for the report you created above (e.g. Rule Reports).
  6. Hover over the Report type and click the drop-down arrow, then select Subscribe.
  7. Set the Delivered by value to E-Mail.
  8. Enter the email addresses that will receive the report, separated by semicolons (;).
  9. Select a Render Format (typically PDF).
  10. Under Run the subscription:
    • Select When the scheduled report run is complete
    • Click Select Schedule and choose the time basis for the subscription.  Click OK when complete.
  11. Under Report Parameter Values, click the Report drop-down and select the report you created above (e.g. Weekly Incident Report).
  12. Click OK.



Additional Information

Refer to the Microsoft Developer Network article on Reporting Services Subscriptions and Delivery.