Changing the default First Day of The Week for Reporting Services reports

Published: 2010-07-13


Last Updated: 2010-07-20

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When running a Guard1 Plus SE Reporting Services report using the Last # Week(s) date range, the report does not start on the expected day of the week (based on the First day of the week specified on the Reports tab in Guard1 Plus SE Options).




The First day of the week setting on the Reports tab in Guard1 Plus SE Options applies to Word-based reports only; it is not passed on to SQL Reporting Services.  SQL Reporting Services sets the first day of the week for reports based on the regional and language settings applied to SQL Reporting Services. For most English-language installations the default SQL RS first day of the week is Sunday.



NOTE: The following procedure applies to Guard1 Plus SE version 4.40 and later only. If you have Guard1 Plus SE version 4.30 or earlier, you cannot change this setting via Guard1 Plus SE.


To configure Guard1 Plus SE Reporting Services reports to use a non-default First Day of the Week:


  1. On the SQL Server, open SQL Management Studio.
  2. In the Guard1 Plus SE Application Database (usually Guard1Plus), expand the Tables folder.
  3. Right-click the table dbo.Application and select Edit Top 200 Rows (SQL 2008) or Open Table (SQL 2005).
  4. In the right window pane, change the First Day of the Week value as desired:
    • 0 = Monday
    • 1 = Tuesday
    • 2 = Wednesday
    • 3 = Thursday
    • 4 = Friday
    • 5 = Saturday
    • 6 = Sunday (default)
  5. After entering the new value, press the Tab key to apply the change.
  6. Close the dbo.Application tab and exit Management Studio.
  7. Restart the Guard1 Plus SE Client and re-run the Reporting Services report to verify the change took effect.