Guard1 Real Time Active Directory Officer record synchronization

Published: 2019-07-23


Last Updated: 2019-07-23



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Guard1 Real Time allows you to add Officers via Active Directory synchronization.




If you decide to use Active Directory synchronization, you cannot manually add Officer records to Guard1 Real Time. Likewise, if you have manually entered Officer records and then enable Active Directory synchronization, some or all of your manually-entered Officer records may be deleted, or may prevent Active Directory sync from working as expected.


You must be on a domain network and use Active Directory for user management.


Your Officer Active Directory user accounts must have the employeeID value specified (on the Atrribute Editor tab), and it must be unique for each user record.  Guard1 Real Time will use this value as the Officer Number.


Each Officer account must be a member of (at minimum) the Guard1ControlRoom AD group.



To enable Active Directory sync in Guard1 Real Time:

  1. Open Guard1 Real Time and log in as a user with System tab access.
  2. On the System tab, click Agents on the Manage ribbon.
  3. In the left pane, click System Maintenance Agent.
  4. In the right pane, in the Officers synchronization from windows user's groups section,check the box for Sync Officers from 'Guard1ControlRoom' user's group.
    1. If you want to restrict the import to AD users that are also members of another AD group (such as Guard1Management), enter the AD group name in the Restrict to officers that also belong in this user's group field.
    2. If desired, change the refresh interval.  By default the Officer records will be refreshed every 5 minutes.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the pane and click Save.


Officer records will now be created from the AD user accounts which are members of the Guard1ControlRoom group.