Guard1 Real Time Client fails to launch

Published: 2019-10-17


Last Updated: 2019-10-17



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When you double-click the Guard1 Real Time application shortcut, an error screen is very briefly displayed and the application never launches.


The Guard1 Real Time  Client log in %LocalAppData%\TimeKeeping Systems\Logs\G1Tracking indicates that the User Configuration cannot be read:



The log will also specify the location of the User Settings file, e.g. C:\Users\JSmith\AppData\Local\TimeKeeping_Systems,_Inc.\Tks.G1Track.Presentation._Url_1q5ly4ii12zbfgrmvrjh3wpp3jpp2rk4\6.34.11012.3\user.config




There is a problem with the Guard1 Real Time Client's User Settings file. This file contains user-specific preferences such as zone filters for the Whiteboard.




Delete the User Settings file named user.config from the folder C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\TimeKeeping_Systems,_Inc.\Tks.G1Track.Presentation._Url_1q5ly4ii12zbfgrmvrjh3wpp3jpp2rk4\<VERSIONNO>.




More information

This issue has been resolved in Guard1 Real Time version 7.0, which will automatically delete the user.config file if it cannot be read.