Adjusting The PIPE and Mobile or Modem Downloader for Daylight Saving Time changes

Published: 2005-05-24


Last Updated: 2019-03-13


Applies To

  • Readers: The PIPE, PIPE-II, Stubby PIPE
  • Downloader types: IP, USB, Direct, Mobile, Modem




You need to adjust a PIPE or Downloader clock due to beginning or ending Daylight Saving Time (DST).




The clock in the PIPE is synchronized to the Guard1 Plus PC’s clock when using USB Downloader, or to the Downloader's clock if using IP, Mobile or Modem Downloader, at the end of each download. It is important to synchronize the device clock as soon as possible after a time change to ensure your patrol data is timestamped correctly.


To adjust your devices for Daylight Saving Time changes:


  1. Just before the time change takes effect (or as soon as practical after the change), download all PIPEs.
  2. Wait until the DST change takes effect. (Most PCs are set to automatically adjust when DST changes; however, you may have to adjust the PC clock manually.)
  3. After the change takes effect, adjust the device clocks as follows:




IP Downloader (with firmware 1.1 or higher) does not require any intervention - its onboard operating system will handle DST changes. Simply wait for the time change to take effect, then download all PIPEs to program them with the current date and time from the IP Downloader.


There is an issue with IP Downloader firmware 1.0 not handling DST transitions properly.  If your Downloader still has firmware 1.0, please request an RMA to return it for firmware upgrade.




More Information

Downloading your devices before the DST change takes effect and synchronizing them after the change takes effect ensures that all of your patrol data has the correct timestamps.


If you do not synchronize your devices immediately after the time change, the patrol data collected between the time the DST change takes effect and the next download will be off by one hour (-1 hour in the Spring and +1 hour in the Fall).