IP Downloader "Download" LED flashes red when PIPE is docked

Published: 2013-02-21


Last Updated: 2013-02-21


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When a PIPE is docked, the "Download" LED on the IP Downloader flashes red indicating "System Clock Invalid". The PIPE will not download even after multiple reboots of the IP Downloader.


NOTE: For IP Downloaders with Firmware versions earlier than 2.x please refer to this topic.



The IP Downloader's system battery was temporarily disconnected (e.g. by a physical impact) while DC power was not connected. This causes the IP Downloader clock to reset to 2006-01-01 00:00:00. NOTE: the default time is GMT, and the actual time is based on the IP Downloader's Time Zone setting. For example, a Downloader set to Eastern Standard Time would reset to 2005-12-31 19:00:00 (GMT -5).


Firmware version 2.1 and newer detects this and prevents subsequent PIPE downloads until the IP Downloader clock is reset by communicating with the IP Attendant.  This prevents tour data from being timestamped with erroneous dates and times.


Timestamps for PIPE tour data already in the IP Downloader memory at the time of the battery disconnection will not be affected.


NOTE: if the IP Downloader "Battery" LED is flashing red, the system battery (which powers the Downloader's internal clock) voltage is below specified limits and must be replaced. Please request an RMA.




Connect the IP Downloader to DC power and to your network and allow it to sync to the IP Attendant Service (green "System" LED) to reset the Downloader's clock, after which you can safely download PIPEs.


If you perform the sync procedure above and the problem persists, please request an RMA for your IP Downloader.


Avoid dropping the IP Downloader or subjecting it to stresses that would not be encountered on the average desktop to reduce the chance of temporarily dislodging the system battery.