Download and/or Button Scan Timestamp shows date at or near 1/19/2012 or 7/19/2010

Published: 2012-06-21


Last Updated: 2013-02-21

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Download dates and button scan dates for PIPEs downloaded to an IP Downloader show 1/19/2012 or 7/19/2010 or similar.


The first indication of a problem is that the IP Downloader will refuse to download PIPEs, giving a flashing red "Download" LED when the PIPE is docked indicating "System Clock Invalid".  However, if rebooted, it will successfully download PIPEs but will apply the erroneous timestamp to their data.


Data from these PIPEs will be "missing" on reports.  Because the data has erroneous timestamps, it will not appear on reports that do not include 1/19/2012 or 7/19/2010 in the report date range.



The IP Downloader's system battery was temporarily disconnected (e.g. by a physical impact). This causes the Downloader clock to revert to the Firmware Date as seen on the Management tab of the Downloader's Web page.


This issue has been seen primarily on IP Downloaders used in mobile patrols, where the risk of bumps and drops is increased. Physical impact causes the system battery to move in its holder, resulting in a momentary disconnection from the system.


The IP Downloader will refuse to download PIPEs when powered up for the first time after the issue occurs (with a flashing red "Download" LED indicating "System Clock Invalid").  However, if rebooted, it will successfully download PIPEs and apply the erroneous timestamps to the download dates and button scan dates.


This condition is temporary if the backup battery voltage is within normal limits and will be resolved as soon as the IP Downloader connects to the IP Attendant service on the Host PC.



Update the IP Downloader Firmware to version 2.1 or newer as soon as possible. See this topic for more information.


For Firmware versions 1.2 and earlier, if you attempt to download a PIPE and the IP Downloader refuses to accept the download (giving a flashing red "Download" LED), DO NOT reboot the IP Downloader and do not try to download the PIPE again. You must first connect the IP Downloader to DC power and to your network and allow it to sync to the IP Attendant service (green System LED) to reset the Downloader's clock, after which you can safely download PIPEs.


If you perform the sync procedure above and the problem persists, please request an RMA for your IP Downloader.


Avoid dropping the IP Downloader or subjecting it to stresses that would not be encountered on the average desktop to reduce the chance of temporarily dislodging the system battery.