IP Downloader fails to start or won't enter Ready state after power is cycled

Published: 2012-01-27


Last Updated: 2016-03-15


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After a reboot, power up or power outage the IP Downloader will not return to the "Ready" state, and the LEDs are in one of the following conditions:








First, disconnect power from the IP Downloader for 20 seconds. Reconnect power.


If the IP Downloader does not return to the "Ready" state after reconnecting power, perform a Hardware Reset. A Hardware Reset returns the IP Downloader to its factory default settings for DHCP configuration, Administrator password, Server Host, Passphrase, Time Zone and user information. It does NOT delete tour data.


To reset the IP Downloader to factory default settings:

  1. Disconnect the power cable from the IP Downloader.
  2. On the rear of the Downloader, find the small reset button hole to the right of the power jack (between the power jack and the Ethernet port).
    • NOTE: many IP Downloaders have rear labels that do not have a cutout for the reset button hole. If the hole is not visible, you must peel back the thick plastic rear label to expose it.
  3. Insert the end of a paper clip in the reset hole and gently depress and hold the reset button while reconnecting power to the Downloader.
  4. Continue depressing the reset button until the LEDs on the Downloader start to turn from RED to AMBER.
  5. When one or more LEDs turns AMBER, release the reset button. Replace the label if it was peeled back to access the reset button.
  6. The Downloader is now reset to its factory default state. You must reconfigure the IP Downloader to connect to your network and IP Attendant. Refer to Adding a Downloader for more information on IP Downloader initial configuration. Tour data is retained in memory and will be downloaded when the Downloader connects successfully to IP Attendant.


If the IP Downloader does not return to the "Ready" state after the Hardware Reset, the IP Downloader must be returned to TimeKeeping Systems for repair. Request an RMA. NOTE: PIPE tour data can not be recovered from an IP Downloader with this problem.