IP Downloader "System" LED is solid red

Published: 2013-07-24


Last Updated: 2013-09-06

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After configuration, the IP Downloader (IPDL) "System" LED remains red and the IPDL can not communicate with IP Attendant (IPAT).





On the IPDL Management Page, verify that the Server Host name is the correct name for the PC where IPAT is installed.


Verify that the IP Attendant service is running and the IPAT PC is available on the network.


Ensure that the firewall on the IPAT PC and any network firewall is configured to allow traffic on the IPDL port. Port 50150 is the default; you may have chosen a custom port.


The IPDL and IPAT Passphrases must match.  If they do not, the Last Error entry on the IPDL Home Page will show Downloader Notify failed: The remote server returned an unexpected response: (400) Bad Request (Firmware 1.x) or Please verify Passphrase configuration (Firmware 2.x). Refer to the appropriate link for further information.


Verify the Default Gateway setting on the IPDL Home Page in the IP Configuration section.