Installing IP Downloader Firmware 2.2

Published: 2013-11-15


Last Updated: 2013-11-18


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Obtain Firmware version 2.2

  1. Click here to download Firmware version 2.2 as a ZIP (compressed) file. The file contains the following:
    • Folder IPDL Firmware 2.2.4832.17450. This folder contains the Downloader firmware files.
    • File UpgradeInstructions.pdf, a printable version of this procedure.
  2. Save the ZIP file to a folder on the IP Attendant PC.
  3. Right-click the downloaded file and select Extract All.
  4. Choose a folder to extract the files to, such as C:\TimeKeeping Systems\.
  5. Click Extract. The files will be extracted to the folder you selected.


If you are unable to download the file, contact Technical Support for assistance.




Install the Firmware

WARNING: Firmware version 2.2 can be applied to IP Downloaders running Firmware version 1.2 or 2.1 ONLY. The Downloader's current Firmware version can be found on the IP Downloader Home Page in the Information section.


WARNING: The version 2.2 upgrade will reset the IP Downloader configuration to the factory defaults.


To install the firmware on the IP Downloader, the Downloader must be connected to your network and powered up. If there is a PIPE in the Downloader, remove it.


The current firmware requires a two step upgrade process.  Step 1 installs the new firmware on the primary OS partition. Step 2 installs the new firmware on the backup OS partition.




This completes the firmware upgrade procedure. If you encounter problems during the process, please contact Technical Support.