How to upgrade the IP Downloader firmware

Published: 2009-02-12


Last Updated: 2016-04-15


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TimeKeeping Systems periodically releases new firmware for the IP Downloader. It is recommended that you keep the IP Downloader firmware up to date to take advantage of enhancements and fixes in the latest firmware version.


This article describes how to obtain and install the latest IP Downloader firmware.


The current firmware version 2.5.5911.19104 (released 2016-03-14) requires depot service. Users who experience device lockups or boot failures should request an RMA and return the device for hardware and firmware upgrade.


The current user installable firmware version 2.4.5133.29769 (released 2014-02-10) is a recommended update. All users are encouraged to update to this version using the procedure below as soon as possible.



Verify IP Attendant Version

NOTE: IP Attendant is not used with Guard1 Plus 5.x or Guard1 Plus SE 5.x. If you have Guard1 Plus version 5.x, proceed to the next section, Obtain the Latest Firmware.


If you do not use Guard1 Plus version 5.0 or newer, the current IP Downloader firmware requires IP Attendant 2.0 or newer.


If you are unsure about what version of IP Attendant you have, or do not know where it is installed, please contact Technical Support before proceeding.



Obtain the Latest Firmware

  1. Click here to download the current user installable firmware as a ZIP (compressed) file. The file contains the following:
    • File TksIpDownloaderFw2.4.bin.  This file is the new firmware file.
    • File UpgradeInstructions.pdf, a printable version of this procedure.
  2. Save the ZIP file to a folder on the IP Attendant PC.
  3. Right-click the downloaded file and select Extract All.
  4. Choose a folder to extract the files to, such as C:\TimeKeeping Systems\.
  5. Click Extract. The files will be extracted to the folder you selected.


If you are unable to download the file, contact Technical Support for assistance.



Install the Firmware

WARNING: Firmware version 2.4 can be applied to IP Downloaders running Firmware version 2.2 or 2.3 ONLY. The Downloader's current Firmware version can be found on the IP Downloader Home Page in the Information section.


To install the firmware on the IP Downloader, the Downloader must be connected to your network and powered up. If there is a PIPE in the Downloader, remove it.



Firmware Installation

  1. Open your Internet browser.
  2. Type the IP Downloader's web address (e.g. http://TKS0022233A0028) in the Address Bar, then press Enter to display the IP Downloader Home Page. NOTE: the Downloader's web address can be found on the label on the bottom of the Downloader.
  3. In the left column, click Manage Downloader.
  4. Enter the Administrator password and click Log in. The default password is "password".
  5. In the Firmware Update section, note the Current Firmware Version. If the version is 2.2.4832.17450 or 2.3.4973.26770, proceed to Step 6. If the version is anything other than 2.2.4832.17450 or 2.3.4973.26770 - STOP!
    1. If the version is 1.2.4401.33151 or 2.1.4795.16055, you must update the Downloader to version 2.2 before proceeding.
    2. If the version is 1.0.3310.33997 or 1.1.3852.30018, you must update the Downloader to version 1.2 first, then update to version 2.2 before proceeding. We recommend requesting an RMA to send your device(s) back for firmware update. If you prefer to perform the upgrade sequence yourself, please contact Technical Support to obtain the necessary files and instructions for updating to version 1.2.
  6. Click Browse (Internet Explorer, Firefox) or Choose File (Chrome).
  7. Navigate to the folder where you extracted the ZIP file earlier.
  8. Select the file TksIpDownloaderFw2.4.bin.
  9. Click Open.
  10. Verify that the path and file shown in the Browse/Choose File field is correct, then click Upload Firmware to begin the process. CAUTIONDo not disconnect power from the IP Downloader during the upgrade process at any time unless an error is indicated by all LEDs on the Downloader flashing red. Disconnecting power during the upgrade process could cause the Downloader to lock up and require depot service.
  11. The IP Downloader Firmware Update screen will display, showing the status of the upgrade:
    1. Uploading - the firmware files are being transferred to the IP Downloader.  This may take several minutes. During this process the main browser page will change to "IP Downloader <DownloaderName> Firmware Update".
    2. Programming - the update is being applied.
    3. Verifying - the update is being verified.
    4. Done - the update process is complete. The IP Downloader Update Progress window will close.  The main browser window will display the message "Finalizing firmware update. Do not power off the IP Downloader. This process could take up to five minutes. Once the IP Downloader completes rebooting, as indicated by the front panel LEDs, use the botton below to return to the IP Downloader Home Page."
    5. NOTE: if the upgrade process stops for a long time or you receive a message that the upgrade failed:
      • Check the LEDs on the IP Downloader. If all LEDs are flashing red, disconnect power from the Downloader for 20 seconds then reconnect power and begin again at Step 1. DO NOT disconnect power for any other reason than all LEDs flashing red.

      • If the Downloader LEDs are not all flashing red, or if you have reconnected power due to flashing red LEDs, close your Internet browser, then begin again at Step 1. It is not uncommon for the process to fail due to network connectivity issues and other variables.
  12. The IP Downloader will automatically reboot and display the normal reboot LED sequence.
  13. After 30 seconds (or when the Network LED on the IP Downloader turns green), click the Return to IP Downloader Home button on the IP Downloader Firmware Update browser page.
  14. On the IP Downloader Home page, click Manage Downloader.
  15. Enter the Administrator password (the default is "password") and click Log in.
  16. In the Firmware Update section, verify that the Current Firmware Version is now 2.4.5133.29769.


This completes the firmware upgrade procedure. If you encounter problems during the process, please contact Technical Support.