Mobile and Modem Downloader Troubleshooting

Published: 2010-02-12


Last Updated: 2010-03-19

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If you experience a problem with your Mobile or Modem Downloader, perform the following steps before contacting Technical Support.



Message displayed on the LCD:



Perform a Self-Test

  1. Disconnect the power cable from the Downloader.
  2. Press and hold the Test button (below the Power LED).
  3. While holding the Test button, connect the power cable. This will initiate the self-test.
  4. Watch the LCD screen closely.  The first message displayed should say "Mobile Downloader" or "Modem Downloader"
    • If the message says "Smart Downloader", your Downloader has lost its programming. Request an RMA to send the unit back for repair.
    • If you miss the first screen, simply start the procedure over again.
  5. Release the Test button.
  6. Screen 2 displays the Manufacturing Date.
  7. Screen 3 displays the firmware Version and date.  The Version should be 1.28.  If it is not 1.28, request an RMA.
  8. The remaining screens are memory diagnostics.
  9. After the test is complete, the LCD will display the date and time.


If the self test completes without any discrepancies, check the following:



Date and time is incorrect

If the LCD displays the wrong date and time, refer to this article. If that does not resolve the issue, contact Technical Support.



Modem Downloaders require a dedicated analog phone line (commonly referred to as a POTS, or Plain Old Telephone System, line). Digital lines and intraoffice systems such as PBX are not supported. If you are having problems downloading your Modem Downloader, make sure your modem is connected to an analog phone line.