Selecting the Correct Modem for the Modem Downloader

Published: 2005-09-07


Last Updated: 2010-02-18


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The Modem Downloader requires a specific modem to function properly. You may purchase this modem from TimeKeeping Systems, USRobotics or another supplier.


More Information

The following modem models are compatible with the Modem Downloader:


Follow the directions enclosed with the Modem Downloader to configure the Downloader in Guard1 Plus. It is also important to  program the Modem Downloader to use the USRobotics modem as described below.

  1. Disconnect the power cord from the Modem Downloader.
  2. Hold down the button on the Modem Downloader (below the Power LED) as you reconnect the power cord.
  3. Watch the LCD screen and release the button when you see the manufacturing date.
  4. When the modem types appear, press the button once when "USRobotics" is displayed.
  5. A confirmation beep will alert you that the selection was made.