There are no lights on the Downloader

Published: 2004-12-16


Last Updated: 2018-05-02


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Make sure you are using the power adapter supplied with the Downloader. If the adapter is not correct, find the correct one and connect it.


Verify that the Downloader’s power adapter is plugged in to a working outlet and also connected to the downloader.


If the Downloader is plugged in to a surge protector (power strip), make sure the surge protector is plugged in to a wall outlet, is switched on and its fuse has not blown or its breaker has not tripped.


If using the DC (car cigarette lighter) adapter, verify that the adapter's internal 2A 250V fuse is not blown. Also verify that your vehicle's power outlet is functional.


If the above actions fail to solve the problem, the Downloader and/or its power adapter may be damaged. Contact Technical Support to request an RMA. Do not return any products to TimeKeeping Systems without an RMA number.