USB Downloader chipset issue causes 'Battery' LED to flash when PIPE II inserted

Published: 2011-04-26 


Last Updated: 2011-05-10


Applies To



When attempting to download a PIPE II in an affected USB Downloader


When attempting to check the battery status of a PIPE II in an affected USB Downloader


The following occurs:




These symptoms are indicative of PIPE II battery failure. However, if the PIPE II successfully beeps when a button is read, the cause is probably a newly discovered problem with the USB Downloader hardware.


Approximately 474 USB Downloaders in the field are potentially affected (serial numbers in the range 35010161 to 35010926).




The USB Downloader must be returned for repair.  We will replace the defective component, reprogram the Downloader with a new serial number, and confirm its functionality at no charge. Please request an RMA for the affected Downloader(s). You do NOT need to return the PIPE II(s) unless you experience a problem when scanning buttons (e.g. no beep, no LED).